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Lloyd's Tire Protection Plan covers you in case of road hazard damage

Plan includes*

  • Free Tire Repairs
  • Tire Replacement
  • Balancing & Rotation

Though all of our quality tires are backed by manufacturer warranties, they don't cover repairs for damage done by road hazards. Our Tire Protection Plan is a limited warranty that offers you no cost repair should you accidentally run over a nail, a shredded piece of metal, or anything else that punctures your tire(s).

The Lloyd's Tire Protection Plan covers tire repairs for as long as you own your tires. The first year if your tires are damaged and can't be repaired, your new tire is free. The second year it is 50%.

$60 per set of Four Tires, $30 for Two (Available at time of purchase only)

Call us or come by Lloyd's to find out more about this plan. For full description of Tire Protection Plan Click Here.

*Some restrictions apply.