Hybrid Care

Complete Hybrid & EV Care from Lloyd's

Lloyd's is a fully certified Hybrid Service Center, offering everything from routine maintenance to diagnostics and repairs for hybrid and electric vehicles. Hybrid Care at Lloyd's is good for your car and our planet. Check out this video to find out what our customers have to say:


Battery Conditioning Beats Expensive Battery Replacement Any Day*

With the latest technology from The Hybrid Shop, say good-bye to expensive hybrid battery replacement. New batteries average over $4000, but Lloyd’s can recondition yours for a fraction of that. Conditioning a battery pack restores the amount of energy available to the electric drive system, permitting the vehicle to use high voltage battery electric energy instead of the much lower efficiency gasoline engine.

Lloyd's Tire & Auto Care is one the only hybrid service shop in the Santa Cruz area to be able to diagnose and perform the proper testing and conditioning procedures. This technology offers not only increased vehicle performance and gas mileage*, but just as importantly, it can be applied for the life of your vehicle.

* Some batteries that have run down too far can't be conditioned. If that turns out to be the case, we can still get you a conditioned battery and install it for much less than buying a new one.

Why is Hybrid Battery Conditioning Better for Our Planet?

By conditioning an HEV battery pack in lieu of replacement, far fewer battery packs will be produced or placed into salvage. By reducing the number of battery packs in the salvage stream this will reduce the volume of metallic and non-metallic materials in the recycling and refuse streams. Conditioning hybrid battery packs results in reusing existing resources and reducing the need for manufacturing additional battery pack materials.

No More Trips Back to the Dealer for Maintenance and Repair.

That kind of says it all, doesn't it?

Complete Hybrid Care Means Better Fuel Economy*

The Hybrid Service Center at Lloyd's features a comprehensive State-of-Health Voltage Diagnostic Service and High Voltage Cable Inspection and Repair. By thoroughly examining your entire electrical system, we help you to squeeze every mile out of a gallon of gas, and depending on what kind of vehicle you drive, the savings can be substantial.*

For more information on Complete Hybrid Care at Lloyd's Tire & Auto Care, please call and ask for either Dean or Scott.

*Improved gas mileage in the case of most vehicles.