Our Current Specials

5k/10k Maintenance $128 ($157 synthetic) “The Vitals” If your car is due for service, the oil needs to be changed. But it takes a lot more than oil to get down the road. The Vitals is a holistic approach to regular maintenance: a close and careful eye to the entirety of the machine while performing the factory recommended services along the way. ... [more...] EXP 1/18/2018
Something’s Wrong $149 Is a warning light on? Hearing a noise? Experiencing a smell or leak? We charge a flat fee to make an initial assessment and plan for repair. (If the fix is readily apparent, the fee is often reduced or waived.) Pick a time for us to take a look and tell us what is going on in the field provided. One offer per visit. Not valid with other offers or discounts. ... [more...] EXP 1/18/2018
Headlight Out $50 incandescent ($140 HID) Prius do go through headlights; we’re happy to replace them quickly and reasonably. Book a 30 minute slot and we will get you back on the road promptly. We stock name brand parts for all generations, backed by a one year warranty. Prices include labor and tax. ... [more...] EXP 1/18/2018
FREE Satellite
Monitoring System
For a limited time, we are installing our new Satellite Monitoring System from Mechanic Advisor FREE OF CHARGE. With our remote access, we can help you watch over every aspect of your vehicle to head off big problems before they occur. For more details, call Dean at (831) 426-4363 or head over to Lloyd's Tire & Care on River Street today! ... [more...] EXP 8/5/2017
HYBRID CARE SPECIALS! $100 off Battery Conditioning
and/or $75 off State-of-Health check
Complete Hybrid Care at Lloyd's includes Battery Conditioning, the affordable, green alternative to expensive battery replacement. ... [more...]
EXP 8/5/2017
$50 Off Any Service of $200 or more (Excludes tires, tire services, oil change, alignment or smog service) Must present coupon at time of purchase. Not valid with other offers or discounts. New customers only. ... [more...] EXP 8/5/2017
FREE Hybrid Battery Stress Test! FREE Battery Stress Test and $100 OFF Battery Conditioning. Bring life back to your hybrid or EV battery. *Improve performance and gas mileage. The Hybrid Shop saves customers thousands on battery replacement while keeping old batteries out of the refuse stream. *Improved MPG for most vehicles. ... [more...] EXP 8/5/2017