10/19/2017 Jack Kunz stellar service as always
10/17/2017 Kathy Rouhier As I have always had at Lloyds, once again great service, nothing pushed on me but clear and understandable options. Sadly, now I do need a repair that will cause me to go to the VW dealer, not ever happy about that! I would have liked to have my "Service Now" warning light reset, but probably can do that if I look at my manual. Thanks again.
10/16/2017 Great service, reliable year after year.
10/15/2017 Paul Jacquard Awesome service!
10/12/2017 Larry Fogelquist I LOVE going to Lloyd's to deal with my tire issues. The service is so amazing that I feel guilty about it. Really guys, I'm not that important. They think of every little thing and take care of it without my having to get involved. They are a breathtaking example of how a business should be run and I will NEVER go anywhere else.
10/6/2017 Nathan Tiller Stopped in with very low tire pressure. Turns out I had a nail. They had it patched in under 1/2 an hour. Great service!
10/1/2017 Bill Jenkins I asked for an estimate for front end when I had my oil changed. When they did not supply the estimate I asked again. After waiting for the mechanic, I was told I would have to make an appointment to get the estimate. Why didn't you tell me that from the beginning instead of me waiting around. I am going somewhere else.
9/29/2017 Peter Ehrman I was treated very politely on checkin and waited less than anticipated for my service to be completed. Lloyd's has been the best experience for servicing my Automobile.
9/24/2017 Anonymous We are always pleased with the quality service and attention to detail we receive from everyone at Lloyds.
9/24/2017 Scott Brazieal Best! :)
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